Catastrophes Cat Rescue


Our aim is to help any cat that is in need and we believe that every cat deserves the chance of a good home.


Our aim has always been to help any cat regardless of age, temperament or behavioural problems, be they wild or tame. The cats in our care are given a high standard of veterinary care and we strongly believe in spaying and neutering as a responsible part of pet ownership. The cats that are difficult to rehome are given the chance to live out their days in a peaceful home environment with the freedom of the country garden that surrounds the sanctuary.


Our work with feral cats involves spaying and neutering complete colonies and giving any necessary veterinary treatment.

We believe that every cat deserves a chance to have a safe, caring and peaceful place to live and enjoy the rest of their lives. It’s surprising how often a cat that has the most difficult and anti-social habits and behaviour can change with love, care and lots of patience.

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FEB 18

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Josephina stalking the deer... Don't worry, she didn't catch one! Happy #Caturday :)

FEB 15

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Catastrophes Cat Rescue

I think we could all learn a little something about love and affection from rescued cats Sun and Benjamin Bengal <3

FEB 14

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Ellie White (sitting) and Alberta are mother and daughter - they came to Catastrophes 4 years ago when their owner was no longer able to care for them. They are two beautiful girls! Ellie spends most of her time relaxing in Bluebell cottage, whereas Alberta is a bit more adventurous and likes to explore in the garden (when the weather is nice!) but she can often be found visiting her mum, curled up next to her. The handsome chap under the bench, that's Sir Puss Puss! Happy #CharityTuesday #AdoptDontShop :)

FEB 09

Did we ever mention Catastrophes’ luxury spa treatments? Snowball enjoying a massage! Happy #FelineFursday☺

FEB 06

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! When Catastrophe’s rescued Janet she had suffered a trauma resulting in a fused jaw and she couldn’t open or close her mouth. She managed to eat by licking her food but she constantly dribbled and couldn’t groom herself. An MRI scan showed limited options of surgery to help Janet but, not content with this, Catastrophes involved specialist vets Aurora Mateo (who flew over from Spain) and Scott Miller. They operated to release Janet’s jaw by removing the point of the jaw bone that enters the skull to allow her jaw to move. We are very grateful that Aurora and Scott donated their time but Catastrophe’s still has a £1,000 bill for anaesthetic and other vet costs. We really need your help to cover these expenses. Please donate via our website: THANK YOU! Janet’s op will be featured on ‘Vet on the Hill’ Monday 6th at 9 pm on More4 Janet is doing amazingly well after her surgery. She adores people and is always purring - anyone visiting Catastrophes usually has Janet on their lap within minutes and I’m sure she would say ‘thank you’ too.

FEB 06

Don't forget to check out tonights episode of Vet on the Hill and see how the amazing Scott Miller and Aurora Mateo deal with Janet's fused jaw :) @thevetonrichmondhill

Vet on the Hill