Giving Stray Cats a Second Chance

About Catastrophes Cat Rescue

A safe haven for unwanted cats, located in the beautiful Sussex countryside and providing lifelong care and a commitment to feline welfare

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I'm really happy to welcome you to our brand-new website. I hope it inspires you to join us to ‘be their someone’.
Liz Varney, Founder and Executive Director, Catastrophes Cat Rescue

About Catastrophes Cat Sanctuary

Rooted in the fervent animal welfare activism of the 1970s, Catastrophes Cat Sanctuary has evolved from a heartfelt vision into a beacon of hope for felines. Our journey has been fuelled by an unwavering ‘no-kill’ ethos, which has won extensive support and significantly expanded our work. Located in the tranquil landscape of East Sussex, we provide a nurturing sanctuary for cats in distress—offering solace to those abandoned or in need of a new home due to the vicissitudes of life, and kindness to those who have suffered neglect or mistreatment.

We champion sterilisation as the only humane and effective method to manage and reduce the stray cat population. We believe that a comprehensive strategy encompasses the spaying and neutering of entire feral cat colonies, alongside essential veterinary care. Once recuperated, these cats are either returned to their original territories—if appropriate sustenance and shelter are assured—or relocated to a compatible rural or domestic setting. For those unable to be rehomed, our sanctuary becomes their permanent haven.

At the helm, guided by the committed leadership of Liz Varney, our Founder and Executive Director, our sanctuary flourishes thanks to our dedicated team along with the skills of licensed veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and other professionals. Our involvement is often solicited by communities, addressing the plight of growing feral cat populations. By tackling these issues, we not only mitigate community concerns but also end the suffering of the cats—breaking the cycle of starvation, untreated illnesses, and the endless birth of kittens to overburdened mothers.

Catastrophes Cat Sanctuary represents not just a refuge but a pledge of love, care, and a brighter tomorrow for cats in need.

Peter Egan, Patron

We’re overjoyed to share the wonderful news that Peter Egan has graciously accepted our invitation to become our Patron! Peter Egan, a distinguished actor and dedicated animal rights advocate, is celebrated for his roles in ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Afterlife’, ‘Unforgotten’, ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’, and numerous other notable works.

“I believe compassion is the only answer to a better life for all who share our wonderful planet”

Liz being honoured with an International Fund for Animal Welfare award at the House of Lords in 2014, in recognition of more than 40 years' dedication to the rescue and care of cats. The accolade was presented by Baroness Gale and the renowned naturalist and broadcaster Bill Oddie.

Five Decades of Dedication

Our founder, Liz Varney, has been a dedicated advocate for cats in need for almost her entire life. Join Liz by becoming a Catastrophes monthly donor today.