Because every cat deserves a chance

Welcome to Catastrophes Cat Rescue—where we aim to help any cat, regardless of age, health, or behaviour. From abandoned felines to those who’ve never known the comfort of a home, we’re here to offer a sanctuary of love, care, and life-long commitment. Your kindness can turn a tale of survival into one of love and comfort.


Why Catastrophes Matters

At Catastrophes Cat Rescue, we’re not just a rescue organization; we’re a sanctuary for cats in all walks of life. Whether they’ve been abandoned, mistreated, or are simply feral, we believe that every cat deserves a chance for a better future—no exceptions.

Our unwavering “no-kill” ethos ensures that each feline in our care receives top-tier veterinary attention. This includes not just immediate medical needs but also proactive health checks like dental care, especially crucial for feral cats who have lived without any medical attention.

Spaying and neutering? That’s just the beginning. We advocate for responsible pet ownership, and we consider sterilization an essential aspect of it. For our feral friends, we go beyond neutering; we also provide any necessary medical treatments before they are either safely returned to their original locations or rehomed in suitable environments.

As for the cats that are harder to place—the elderly, the nervous, the so-called “difficult” ones—we offer them more than just shelter. They receive love, care, and a peaceful home environment surrounded by the tranquility of lush country gardens. It’s astonishing how the most seemingly unfriendly cats can transform with just a bit of love and patience.

But we don’t stop there. We’re in an ongoing campaign to expand our facilities, aiming to establish a dedicated Treatment, Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre. Your support amplifies our mission and brings us one step closer to creating a sanctuary that caters to the specialized needs of each cat we rescue.

Join us in being their “someone,” in giving every life the chance it so rightfully deserves. Your support can rewrite a cat’s story from one of hardship to one of hope and happiness.

Feral Care

We are dedicated to managing the health and welfare of feral cats through trapping, neutering, vaccinating, and returning cats to their colonies. We also get medical help for those who need it.


When a cat is in immediate danger, our dedicated team steps in to provide urgent rescue services. Your support helps us be their lifeline—24/7. Each rescue is a life saved.

Veterinary Treatment

Every cat under our care gets top-notch veterinary treatment, from routine check-ups to specialised surgeries. Health is a priority—comprehensive care means healthier, happier cats.

Lifelong Loving Care

For cats who find it hard to adapt or get adopted, we offer a tranquil home in our unique country-garden sanctuary—a haven where they can live out their days with love and dignity.

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